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Sudden thought

Reading this post might mean you are thinking of quitting your job or trying to get another job.

Because I have same thinking with you, while having many thoughts, I write some thoughts down for sharing.

What is job?

Maybe jobs mean people buy my effort so we can earn money as a result.

But the effort should be something I feel good or I feel interested or I feel it is rewarding.

However, my present effort getting paid is not like that.

The reasons why I want to quit my job or move to another one but I feel it is hard are like these.

  1. I feel I develop myself,
  2. I feel it is rewarding,
  3. I feel interested. That is the 1st reason,

2nd, I am getting well paid for my effort now because it is big company as more than I have actually,

3rd, I don’t know what people will look at my effort worthy. Shortly, I don’t know if I can MOVE to another company. And maybe I can’t because I don’t have enough skills.

I get those thoughts

Personally, I want to do something I can do after retirement. Or I want to do something there is no retirement. And by having my own contents, I want to be the person whom people can’t replace me with anyone.

For those, one way to do it is being full stack developer. When I get an idea, I wan to plan the project and make the project from A to Z. But unless I make my own business or work in startup, there are really few jobs I can do both. And then, I will meet the same frustrations I saw between planners and programmers again. And when I saw it in startup and when I see it in a big company now, it is pretty hard to solve. so.. is it right?…

What if I get a job which I can actually have my own contents?

For examples, writer writing own literature, creators making videos or diorama makers based on hand skills? It sounds nice but I don’t know if I can do now.

By thinking of ‘I want to get my own contents’, I could think of this much.

I support all the people reading my post this much and I hope all you guys will arrange thoughts and I hope by the arranging you guys will get better job which gives enough rewarding or get own business.

Originally published at on February 6, 2019.




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